Thursday, June 29, 2017

walking barefoot

One of the first things I noticed about Gay's MFR technique is that she always does it without shoes.  Her bare feet are anchored in just the right way to catch the energy and transfer it.  Like a hairdresser, she listens to people tell their dirty little secrets and keeps them private because ...HIPPA.

My day at work was full of pleasant surprises as usual and I left there for a follow up with derm guy who was packed OUT.  Wendy looked at me sideways when I said I'd reschedule.  I mean gah...I had to meet Kevin so he could fix the igniter on the oven!  The story of how he came back into my life 20 years later is epic.  And very Methodist.

Lauren is swollen and itchy like the rest of us only she's pregnant and can't take meds.  I remember "allergic rhinitis of pregnancy" like it was yesterday.  And the misery of an August and September haul..  Let's all hold hands and sing kumbaya.  I have a breakfast date on Saturday with Lorna while her car is being serviced.  Can't. Wait.  Farmer's market perhaps?

Y'all have a happy ladies night :)

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