Saturday, July 1, 2017

up and at 'em

For some reason my eyes popped open early this morning so I just went with it and got up.  At the chicken store I noticed Bubba ( and Sally, of course ) gassing up so I got some quality time with them.  It doesn't take us long to catch up but Sally needed some extra love before going to the vet.  She has absolutely the sweetest spirit of any animal I've ever known and is so well trained she goes to just the right spot on the tailgate to get her head rubs.  As I was coming down Samaria Bend behind them, I spotted a deer run across a bean field and through a tree line.  When I stopped to watch him he was still as a mouse waiting for me to pass on by.  Early morning outings are their favorite.  

I found a big fat tomato worm on the biggest of my plants and he had already consumed two limbs so he got removed and the dust went on.  Those things give me the creeps.  I don't usually get comments on the blog site so when I do I look pretty closely because evidently some terrorists in Turkey use my blog as a secret site to set up meetings.  I'm not playing, y'all.  DELETE to all you folks in Ankara at the VR cafe.  

Here it is almost Independence Day already and it was just Easter, seems like.  The longest day of the year has passed which means we're headed toward fall slowly but surely.  I can't "see" it yet like me and Mama did, but I will and I'll remember us calling each other to report on the progression of summer which we both disliked due to an intolerance for the heat of a Tennessee July.  There will be fireworks and BBQ everywhere by tradition.  I probably need to stop at one of the tents and pick up a few roman candles and sparklers like I did for the new year.

Time for me to do something productive I suppose.  The luxury of waking up slowly with no agenda is something that I do not take for granted what with all those 6AM reportings to the sawmill.  I cannot fathom not having to go there everyday to pay the bills but I'm trying my best to manifest it!!

 Keep the faith ^j^

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