Wednesday, November 2, 2016

cry me a river

I'm not gonna was much better than yesterday at the sawmill.  Thank the lort' for little things.  Shine has been waxing around our workplace for a couple of weeks now and has been met with some surly attitudes.  He's the cutest thing y'all.  That name came from his employment at Curry Funeral. He also details cars.  

My last boyfriend's daughter works there too and she's a beautiful girl.  We met when she was a teenager living with her dad and she was pregnant at graduation!  She always has a special look for me when we pass in the hall.  The same for that Hawkins girl.  

My hypochondriac self thinks I have that kind of arthritis that comes with skin conditions.  I have a derm appointment next week with my long time co-worker to see what's up with that.  Our last visit was all about actinic keratosis, a precursor to skin cancer.  Boy if only I had known all those days I was baking in the sun.....

So tonight's the night and I can't wait to see what happens when the Cubs win, which they of course will because there is a god and he is a Cubs fan.  We are T-6 days and counting until the whole deal is settled until a recall happens.  I really think that the courage of independent candidates has made voters more aware of personal choice.  And by the way, I wrote in Trae Crowder.

I feel a rant coming on so bear with me.  Everybody who claims to be a loyal American with beliefs solidly founded on the constitution fails to recognize the one about separation of church and state.  See: roman empire and all that jazz.  Oh, and Pharisees and Saducees!  While I believe that the charity of the church should be honored with tax exempt status if they are doing outreach, I don't think that megachurches with rich pastors should not support the least of these with their tax dollars. That makes it a cult, of sorts.  

My personal philsophy as a Christian is to meet people where they are and do the next right thing.  It might be calling them out or it could be a big fat hug.  Once I let go of control, the rigid behavior went out the window.  Working in healthcare is a unique opportunity to make a difference in someone's life.  We all know that people are born and get sick and die.  It's reality and so many times we run away from that.  More and more these days I consider my personal wishes and think about whom I know will honor them.  There aren't many left.

I cried a lot yesterday, not over the tree or the bell ringing or anything in particular.  It was just my time to grieve I reckon.  To everything there is a season.


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