Tuesday, November 8, 2016

no place like home

Lauren has moved out twice before only to return to Casa Poops for one reason or another.  Today marked her 3rd official move with all the stuff in her room going to Jackson where we she now has a place with a roommate.  This is a monumental step for these two young ladies and a big cause for celebration all around.  There is an echo in that room now which will require rethinking and arranging to make a new space.  It won't be set in stone though.  You never know when they'll come back bringing more!

Early this morning as I was in front of work i noticed an ambulance pull out next to me and take off with lights and sirens.  Not an unusual sight by any means.  I moseyed on into the sawmill and discovered pretty quickly per FB that there was a REALLY bad wreck involving a car and a fueltruck on the main highway.  My immediate thought was that my friend didn't need to be alone, so I headed to find her and saw her whip into the parking lot.  I met her halfway and at first she was horrified because she thought I was there to tell her hubs was gone.  "He's okay" I said, and I clutche d her and we walked in to face reality.  Other friends were there and the nursing staff was excellent.  I quietly took leave and snuck back to work.  Per the First Baptist info line known as my Aunt Kathy, he's in critical condition at The Med.  Hey...that's where I'd want to be.  

But here's the thing.  Without excellent local emergency response which includes not only law enforcement and hospital but  air evac and ambulance transport this sort of case doesn't have much of a chance.  That is what we are all about....saving lives.  When push comes to shove, we all work together to do our best when the rubber hits the road. And it ALWAYS does.  

It's the bullshit of a large part of the general population that clogs up emergency rooms nationwide.  Because of the fact that we cannot refuse treatment there's a steady influx of non-compliant patients of every stripe.  Many are just elderly and stuck in the hamster wheel that is end of life.  The last five years of my parents' lives were filled with hospitals, doctors and rehabs.  And I was the driver!

I won't be staying up for election announcements or anything like that.  It'll be like on Christmas morning or this year's World Series.  Wake up and it's all happy shit!

Think positive. Do good things.  Keep the faith ^j^

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