Friday, November 4, 2016

fostering larry

Ever since the estate sale, Larry has been my on and off companion.  I have grown to love him like I do all critters.  He likes being here because there are other dogs to play with and I let him in the house and feed him.  Knowing the circumstances that his mama is dealing with right now, I've done my best to be kind to both him and her but it's been pretty nerve wracking at times with a fourth BIG dog around.  The tipping point came this morning when he got into Beverly's chicken coop again.  I spent a lot of break time texting between the two parties and in the end somebody came and saved Larry from a visit to the pound.  

A very nice young man from the humane society came by to chat with us today about the drill on leash laws, etc in the county which basically don't exist the animals ends up on someone's property who doesn't want him there.  If I had a hen house, I wouldn't be giving him any hospitality either.  William explained to me that our shelter has a very low kill rate and most dogs like him are snatched up pretty quick.  All he needs is a place where he's allowed to shelter in the house at times.  Brook and I just talked and she's just about the sweetest girl I've ever known who's hit a really rough patch.  All's well that ends well, and in this case Larry is at home and not doggie jail.
I'm off for the weekend, hallelujah and thank  you Jesus.  See y'all on the other side

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