Friday, November 18, 2016

drive by

Dyersburg has a pretty low violent crime rate in spite of the rampant drug use and poverty.  I got a call from work yesterday evening asking about blood use for a child that had been involved in a shooting.  One person died and the six year old is in critical condition.  Several others were injured.  My first thought was "gang related" but who knows.  Back in the day our 'burg was home to several gangs that terrorized the west side of town around Forrest Street.  At that time we had a law enforcement team dedicated to working with this neighborhood and others at risk for gang activity.  They were literally run out of town on a rail.  I pray that this is not a return to that kind of violence.  

My friends are coming over today to help me clean so I went to the gentral' for supplies and treated myself to new pillows.'s the little pleasures that count.  The manager told me that she had recently fired not one but THREE employees at the same time for theft.  Seems they were in it together.  That leaves a mighty slim crew to run the store until background checks etc are finished for new hires.  Stupid people.  

It's the last day of 80s with a front coming through to cool things down.  Hopefully there will be rain!!!  It's dry as a bone out there which is why East Tennessee is on fire.  But no, climate change is not real right?  Pfffft.  

I'm quite the liberal progressive in case you didn't know.   That being said, I'm tired of all the hate mongering and fear stirring over Trump.  Laugh and get over it kids because it is what it is.  It may just get cold enough this weekend for me to wear my Bernie hoodie.  I also have a Poehler Fey 2016 "bitches get stuff done" t-shirt that is a favorite.  

Y'all don't forget to make your dressing ahead because it's better when frozen first.  Just ask KK.  Bubba is smoking some turkey and I cannot wait.  Of course I have to make about two dozen deviled eggs because that's his favorite.  Must have a to go plate of those.  

Happy Friday even if you're working the weekend like me.  See ya there!


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