Monday, November 28, 2016

everyday miracles

I'm still being a slug, spending my last day off that began with a long wakeup sitting in jammies. Actually, I slept in my Bernie hoodie last night so I guess you could start some gossip there.  The house is so quiet now with the new windows that I could sleep forever except that the bitch cat demands to be fed.   

I stop at the chicken store every day and many times more than once.  My usual stop is about ten 'til 6 where Mr. Gene greets me from where he's sitting on the curb with one of the girls at shift change.  As I pulled in this morning I spotted him putting boxes in the dumpster with his hood pulled up.  This man does what he does come rain, shine, heat or snow.  He is always grateful for moderate weather.  He also changes the gas price signs.  His last words to me are always " you be careful out there."  Indeed sir.  

There's this sweet little couple that eats lunch there everyday about two and they usually smile and greet me as I head to the cooler.  I can tell they don't partake but they're always friendly to me.  They are there EVERY day.  It's the kind of place where older guys like Horner sit around drinking coffee waiting to see who comes in.  Like my Daddy used to do at McDonald's.  Every single one of that coffee group has passed on except for Kyle.  

I have a phone appointment at 11 concerning a benefit that I didn't even know existed.  I may not be eligible but it never hurts to try.  The only catch would be "income limit" and while I have a stable income, there's a lot going out to BK court etc.  There is no way I can afford a car without some additional funds.  And Lord knows I need one!

The way I figure it Big Ernie is running the show and it will happen in His time.  However, I may lose my religion if I have to go through one more winter with no door handles.  I ordered some prints of my farm shots to go in an old window as a gift to the farm owner.  He likes stuff like that, ya know.  There was a huge 9 pane hanging on Mom and Daddy's fireplace that now lives in Bubba's office.  I made it ten years ago and they loved it.  

Hope you don't have a holiday hangover from all that rich food.  Now....onward to Christmas treats!

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