Wednesday, November 16, 2016

beetle juice

The invasion of the Japanese beetle has commenced in a storm of crawling bugs at every door and window just waiting for a chance to move inside.  I used to think they were "ladybugs" but noooo...nothing good luckish hanging around here.  They are competing with the flies and wasps for air space, if you know what I mean.  Currently, the central unit is running on air.  On November 16th, no less.  I have to be able to breathe and that's the only way with a little help from Pharma bro in the form of flonase and singulair.  Occasionally a zyrtec.  

I was a few minutes late to work today because I got caught at changeover during a stop at the chicken store.  That takes a while and ain't nobody happy.  As I was walking toward the door of the lab I got a phone call which I couldn't answer and when I walked in the door they were on the phone calling me.  O.m.G.  After the morning run I got informed that my alternate assignment for the day would be guessed it...the oncology center.  Lerd.  Again, I found a blessing through a random meeting with and old friend and her husband.  We ran together 40 years ago, if that tells you anything.  We got lunch at work which is normal because "reps rock".  My two thirty something friends who also work there had plans to run together after work and invited me to try and keep up.  I passed.  Girl knows her limits, just saying.  

My left shoulder is becoming more and more of a problem.  It's not really a traumatic injury like the right one was.....just arthritic and achy.  I find myself struggling for the energy to do anything other than work and do minimal housecleaning when actually MAJOR is what's needed.  I'm the next Martha Stewart in our family and I at least have to make a presentable place to eat a meal.  Y'all holler if you have any spare time between now and then.  

I think it's hilarious that Joe Biden is finally getting famous after being O's shadow for all those years.  Good old Uncle Joe.  I am happy to see social media outlets being pro-active in monitoring racist dialogue and hatred.  Hey's free.  They can pull the plug on you at any time.  

The moon is still beautiful.  And God is good...all the time ^j^

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