Saturday, November 12, 2016

to write or not to write

Blogging is a way of life for me and has been for about 12 years.  If I had a buck for every time somebody said "you should write a book" I'd be rich and could retire from the sawmill.  My book writing has been one day and one story at a time.  It would take an editor to go through the massive compilation of history and random thoughts to actually make it marketable. Besides who would buy the book when the blog is free to read!  I tried doing NaNoWriMo one year and didn't make it past the first week.  I'm a story teller, not a novel writer.  

I ran into an old friend at the chicken store who asked about the history of this farm and it turned into a long discussion of how the Calcutt family came from there to here.  Perhaps if I can get some ADHD meds I could tell that story and include all of the many vintage pictures.  What began as a purchase post WWI by a man from St Louis turned into a life for me and mine.  We've seen a lot of changes over the years, but the history still stands proud in the three houses that remain and the two barns, one with huge silos.  There's a tiny cabin known as "the shack" which used to be the meeting place for the owners when they visited from Michigan.  Daddy became farm manager when my grandfather Harold handed it over to him about the time I was born.  Thus, he lived every farmer's dream.  A full time USDA man who got to run a farm in his spare time!  He did that for years until he retired from the fed at 55 and proceeded to focus on the second job.  He was always one to do his best for the owners as my brother is now.  
Until about six years ago, there were cattle.  Two horses lived here when I moved in, and others followed.  Now there there are none.  Times change.

It's a beautiful brisk day here on the hill but I'll be mostly doing laundry and trying to sort some more.  It's hard to focus because it seems overwhelming at times, but I'll get there.  Hide and watch.

Onward ~

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