Saturday, November 19, 2016

whirly bird

My first experience with a helicopter was when my youngest brother landed in the field next to my house right smack in the middle of town to pick me up for a ride.  Up we went, and with no doors there was plenty of noise and a great fear of falling out.  That's just like something I would do.  He took me down in the pasture behind Mom and DAddy's because I was about to hyperventilate.  It was surreal, but I've always been fascinated with watching them take off and land.   I recall the first time one landed at the sawmill and I stood in awe watching it maneuver onto the pad out back.  Now it's a daily ritual and the flight path is directly over my house.  I lost a very good friend and co-worker when her crew went down in a random thunderstorm.  KK let me in a little early to have some private time before the droves arrived.  Lots of media coverage.

It takes a special breed of healthcare provider to deal with trauma and not all are cut out for it.  Those who are burn out often.  You must remain somewhat objective in order to do your job.  But when you forget what that person is feeling like um TERRIFIED or really sick, it wouldn't hurt to give 'em an extra pat.  It's what Jesus would do. The weather is changing which means lots of coughy sneezy stuff which puts things in high gear for us.  Our last hold out on the flu shot got bit so she's mask free until somebody snotty gets in her face!  

So it seems as if our local shooter came from nearby Ripley which is a hotbed for that kind of bullshit.  He was probably running his own game and somebody at that party done him wrong.  Not that I'm all CSI or anything.

The weather is gorgeous....peak colors about a month later than usual.  We finally got some rain yesterday and I literally danced in it to roll my windows up.  Me and the cleaning/pecan crew visited and ate some pizza while it poured.  There was a frost this morning.  Got me some Stuarts...just saying.

Tomorrow is my mama's birthday...83.  She's been gone long enough that it's painfully real that the traditions we carry on without her must make her proud.  She was the master of our family gatherings at the cabin.  I think about how much she used to do and it literally wears me out to consider all that effort.  She wasn't working when Daddy retired and they were both fairly young so she got to enjoy a lot of things like girl trips to England or Lake Barkley.   Earlier this year I found one of her little ornaments of spun glass with a tag attached.  It was dated 8-8-1999 and was a gift from the Christian education department to her or Daddy.  And the day I found it was 8-8-2016.  It's a delicate glass heart and the tag reads " love never fails".  And, of course, I broke it.  

I've gained five pounds which doesn't seem like much but my clothes don't fit so there you go.  Time to eat healthier anyway.  My lipid panel is very normal and glucose as well.  I think it's the ice cream.

Happy fall y'all.  Soak it up like the eye candy that it is ^j^

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