Tuesday, November 22, 2016

gal pals

There is a small and eclectic group of women my age who get together when Patsye is in this part of the state.  She lives in East Tennessee but has a cottage here near where her family is.  For most of them dinner is the choice meeting time which is umm..my bedtime.  So, we did something different and met for lunch today.  A whole lot of the conversation centered around the election and how devastated we were.  It was refreshing to be around others who are as bewildered as I am about the whole deal. 

There will be very little Christmas shopping done here and I've already started online with small but personal gifts for the few.  I'm pretty sure I owe the law office a cake for all the pall bearing and whatnot.  It used to be a yearly event but got lost in the shuffle when life got crazy.

My man Trae came out of hiding to deliver a heartfelt Thanksgiving message to all of us about respecting differences of opinion.  He has a mouth like a redneck sailor but makes solid points with a somewhat liberal slant.  Plus he's a Tennessee boy.  

My friends came to help with cleaning again yesterday and I just didn't have it in me.  The fatigue is about to get me down so I'm looking forward to a few days' rest.  I am understanding more and more my parents' frustration with not being able to do what they once could.  Yet they never gave up.  I pray that I keep that fighting spirit with me.  

On the morning run to the gentral' I picked up a rag mop that you don't have to squeeze by hand and, of course, I can't figure out how to use it.  I've run off two sets of pecan poachers in as many days and told Bubba Wayne and them to keep an eye out.  Only they and the neighbors have permission to pick.  And Mamye, of course.

Y'all keep it between the ditches.   

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