Sunday, November 20, 2016

we gather together

Today marks the beginning of Thanksgiving week which is always hurry hurry rush rush especially for those with big families.  That is definitely not the case around here.  I spent my lunch break at Kroger picking up what I need to prepare for the three of us.  BG is on a 7 day stretch at work to be able to have the time off to come home.  I have made arrangements and unless somebody dies I'll be spending quality time with her. Bubba called today to touch base on the prep and his turkeys will go to the smoker tomorrow.  THREE birds.  One for me, one for him and one for our feast.  Since he works at Kroger he stocks up when things are on sale.  As usual, my favorite butter was on sale and totally sold out.  Who the hell buys unsalted butter anyway???  Just leave a couple of those and fill the rest of the space with the good old salted kind.  

I saw a few familiar faces but didn't linger  The last of the floors got waxed today and we're mighty grateful to Shine for getting that done while working around a bunch of bitchy women.  It's folks like that which make work a happy place.  I can hardly believe it but my otha' babygirl Charlie B is 40 today!  We have worked together off and on for lots of years and I always think of her as a kid in a grown ups' body.  She's loads of fun and moody as heck.  Just like I was at that age!!  The pressures of parenting teenagers and making a living while trying to blend families is something that a lot of people deal with and it can be stressful.  So can peri-menopause.  

Mamye and Steve are out there working the Stuart crop following 2 sub-freezing nights.  They're selling for an ungodly amount this year but we're more interested in keeping these babies for roasting.  Back in the day I was famous at the bar for bringing in the prize winning nuts as a snack.  Recipe to follow y'all.  

Roasting pecans is an art and one that requires the patience to stir and salt every 15 minutes.  Then you gotta' drain.  My other favorite recipe is for a triple chocolate fudge cake with chocolate icing topped with holly and stuffed with chips.  Also, recipe to follow.  

Stay tuned for more culinary news from the lane.  My mac'n'cheese will be baked coated with a homemade roux of melted butter, flour and cheeses.  Asparagus is standard from a can and dressed with cream of mushroom, buttered cracker crumbs and cheese.  The dressing is my mother's brand made from various breads and chicken stock.  

Yep...I'm on a mission.  

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