Friday, November 11, 2016

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Alrighty then, here we sit on a balmy Friday evening in November.  I had to turn on the heat for ten minutes when I got up but back down it went.  We had a light frost this week but not enough to kill the kudzu, so to speak.  If you don't know about kudzu, you're not really Southern.  Just ask my friend Idgie at the Dew.  Once she got caught in an ice storm on the interstate in Atlanta and had to walk to the hotel and buy beanie weenies and tiny wines.  You can't make this shit up

So, since I'm off for a couple of days I stopped by to see Tracy and pick up a tiny bottle of peach pecan.   The brand Old Camp belongs to Florida Georgia Line, she said.  Whom, BTW the redneck liberal would rather felate? in Times Square on New Year's eve than see a Trump victory.  See people listen and have their favorite parts!

No more political chatter.  I'm counting on EW to stand up and kick some ass.  She's spunky yet diplomatic enough to deal with what's going on.  And IN FACT Bernie ain't done yet....right Pax?  Mitch will die someday and then we'll have who knows what kind of evil no term limits dictator.  The whole process is flawed and stacked in favor of the rich in both major parties.  Dodd Frank?  Does that ring a bell???????????????

I'm about to enjoy the balminess of the afternoon and visit with my friend Mamye a bit.  Ladies night, if you will.  My focus these days is on hugging and saying the L word.  You never know when it might be the last time you see somebody this side of heaven.

Grace ~

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