Saturday, November 5, 2016

poor bambi

I had errands to run this morning ( yes the gentral' too ) and was cruising north on highway 51 when a guy in a red jeep passed me and I looked in horror at the dead deer he had strapped ON THE HOOD of his vehicle.  Geez man, get a truck or something.  If that thing had flown off and hit my windshield I would've had the big one.  

Next stop was the money changer's place to help BG out with moving expense next week.  After that I hit up the pharmacy drive through and UPS store where Dena and I talked trash about my brother...ha!  She said his border collie Sally is sad because she doesn't get to ride in the back of his new truck.  Lerd.  It might get a scratch because she hangs over the side.  If I know him, Sally will be trained within a week not to do that.  

I never dress up so I always get caught at funeral time with nothing to wear and no decent shoes.  All I ever put on is scrubs and tennis shoes.  Anywho, I did purchase a cheap pair of black flats for all somber occasions in the future.  They're canvas, but who cares.  My old friend Ricky died and I knew he was sick, but not that bad.  There was another death yesterday that broke my heart.  This girl, still quite young, had a very hard life with little to no quality parenting.  She was a non-compliant diabetic who liked her drugs and girlfriend.  In the business she is known as a frequent flier and, of course, we all get attached to them.  The tragedy is not that she died but that the quality of her short life was so very scary.  It literally

Larry got home yesterday with minimal drama and sweet little Brook apologized for his chicken chasing ways.  My heart goes out to her as well because she is helping to care for her Papa who is at home with hospice care.  She said the morphine had helped his breathing a lot.  For the life of me I don't understand why more people do not choose this option except that they normally don't get told the cold hard truth by a doctor who's making money off the deal.  Sad but true.  There is a fine line where oncology and palliative medicine meet and a good practitioner always keeps that in mind.  

There's somebody out there pickin' pecans so the dogs have somebody to roam with for awhile.  All is well with the world.


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