Sunday, November 13, 2016

go figure

I've had the old windows from this house in the basement and attic since March when they were replaced.  I took a few down to the estate sale but nobody wanted them so I just brought 'em back here and posted them for sale yesterday.  Not long after that post I got a message from someone who wanted two which I put back.  Shortly after THAT I got a message from the grandson of the folks who lived in this house before me.  Mr. and Mrs. Council lived here for years and Allen grew up out here.  He came out and walked down memory lane and then bought every window in the basement!  Since I was a little concerned about how to buy lunch for the next week, that was a blessing sent straight from God.  

Mr Council had been living here alone for ten years when he was moved by his son to a safer location for an old dude.  To say it was a hot mess is an understatement.  He raised rabbits and all other sorts of creatures and there were empty feed bags stacked in the attic.  The basement took about 10 years to clean out what with all the old farmer horse man stuff down there.  His name is spray painted on the basement wall!  We had a nice time remembering his childhood here and he will be my go-to guy for history on this plot.  I ran into him when his mother was dying last year not knowing that my own parents would be right behind his.  Small world, as they say.  

I've already been to the gentral where Diane the manager told me she had to fire three employees at one time for stealing.  This woman works all.the.time on salary.  It makes me glad not to be a manager, ya know?

There's a chill in the air so I went looking for warm stuff in the closet and lo and behold there was my Bernie hoodie that I bought last fall.  I will wear it with pride even though the election is over.  Yes, I'm a Bernie bro/sis.

Keep on doing the next right thing y'all.  The violent protesting and hell raising solves nothing.  Remember who you are, always.  Anything is possible if you leave room for the spirit to work.

Peace ~

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