Thursday, November 3, 2016

history in the making

Much has been said and read and talked about concerning the Cubs so I won't even go there because I'm not one to follow the season, just to jump on somebody's bandwagon at the end.  Real fans don't like that, you know.  Lily is perched in the picture window and Larry is barking at her from outside, bless his heart.  I'm not letting him in much anymore because he's too much with the rest of the tribe.  I can be doggie daycare as long as he goes home at night.  

The sawmill was ummm....quite busy.  And I'm getting older by the day.  The waxing is almost done thanks to Shine.  When I got home this afternoon the tree was halfway gone as in a big pile of branches from the outside section.   There's one in the front too but it's just like a giant stick reaching up to the power line.  The limbs are looooong gone.  

I have one batch of cornbread done for the dressing and will be cooking another one soon because I intend to have multiple pans.  The hunt is on now for furnishings for BG's new place and she is to die for excited.  I have to say she has paid her dues and this is one step she deserves.  Always mindful, of course, that God is good.  

The leaves are (finally) turning which is about a month late but go figure since it's still 85.  I was thinking on the way out to the car this morning how dreadful it is to be trying to de-ice the Camry in the dark.  That's the downside to winter at my house. 

Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me~ 

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