Tuesday, November 15, 2016

small world

I had the good fortune to reunite some old friends today both of whom I hold dear.  Had our staff meeting not been cancelled rescheduled I would have missed that little bit of serendipity.  Little miracles...I'll take them and say thank you lort.  

So, umm.  Trump is busy building his team with the biggest bunch of blowhards I've ever seen.  I swear to you if Glenn Beck ends up on the SCOTUS, I'll shoot my eye out.  As for the Roe v Wade speculation, I imagine that if there's another justice in there who tries to overturn, there will be hell to pay in the form of the illegal abortion industry.  Sure, you could go to another state.....unless you're in the South.  I personally know folks who either went to Canada or got the wire hanger treatment before safe procedures were made available.  Our system pays for those who continue to produce children that cannot be fed or clothed.  Go the the freakin' health department and get some contraception.  

This is not Obama's fault, nor Bush's.  Or Hillary's or Trump's.  Because in the end?  The government rules.  It's only in the reaching out in faith to another that change can happen.  One at a time.  I don't read the news anymore much less watch it.  At this point in life, it's all about finding the sweet spot and hanging on for dear life.  

I'm working on a grocery list for Thanksgiving because it's on me this year.  I have Mama's recipe for dressing and Bubba is having turkey smoked.  Asparagus casserole and deviled eggs are a must.  Other than that, we'll improvise.  

Thankful ~

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  1. Wishing you a happy Thanksgiving, my friend.

    P.S. I try to comment here so many times, but can never figure out the log in situation. It always boots me off! Sending this one on a wing and a prayer. ;-)