Thursday, November 10, 2016

veteran's day

I remember earlier this year when all the FB folks were a'twitter about Memorial Day being only for those who died in service.  At that time I was still reeling with emotion and wondered just who has the time to split hairs like that?  Jesus people....get a grip.  The biggest toxic thing about social media is that it gives sick and angry people a place to show out.  

As a Girl Scout I marched in many parades on that special day, lining up at the Piggly Wiggly parking lot in uniform, by troop. It was like herding cats for the parents and leaders!  The vets were mostly old and from I and II because Vietnam had yet to be a thing. I won't bring up how they were treated because it just makes me mad and I'm trying to de-stress.  Daddy served in the Korean conflict and Mr. Bruce was at Iwo Jima.  Robert Taylor did his duty in Desert Storm.  Joe Deak served our country in Iraq.  To all of these men and women who have defended our country even when the odds were stacked against them, I say thank you with a full heart. d

This country was built on the determination of lots of "refugees" to not be bound by the rules of monarchy but to be self sufficient.  The Native Americans helped with that little culture shock and there was much breaking of bread and giving of thanks.  After that, things got ugly.  

I think, sometimes, that we look at what Hitler did and think that our tactics are somewhat less inhumane.  Like Japanese camps during WWII.  Or Gitmo.  I know, I'm such a drama queen.  But you know what?  I speak from the heart.  

Gratitude ~ 

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