Sunday, November 27, 2016

in the ditch

I was happily typing away when Gumby called me from his cell in the ditch.  He was trying to cut up a utility pole for a bonfire and the pole flipped him.  It took dyersburg city, county, THP and a whole bunch of people with scanners to get him out.  Daddy brought the tractor up and bitched the whole time. He refused ambulance transport with morphine and came on up to the house and hit the whiskey bottle.  While we were waiting I got down by his head and talked him through the panic of being trapped like that.  Fortunately the ground was soft.  He had a big piece of tin in the bed of his truck and that's what EMS used to pull him out while the crowd lifted the pole.  It was a sight to behold.

Once upon a time BG was dodging a squirrel and landed in a ditch full of water upstream.  Joey came and got me to say I should probably check on her.  As you all know, she survived.  She made the comment when she was here that everything is weird and indeed it is.  Everything is still fresh, yet we try to keep the faith as a family.  

My wheeling dealing self sold the oak bed this morning.  It's one of the last pieces from when we moved out here 28 years ago.  I haven't used it in years so that's 50 bucks I didn't have.  I previously sold the massive dresser and BG has the upright chest.  With the bed gone the office is shaping up nicely as a hangout.  NayNay's uncle said putting it up would have to wait 'til tomorrow because "NFL Sunday".  

I found a bunch of baby clothes in the attic that will go to Katie's baby boy who is due in about a month or less.  Luckily her Aunt Linda will be retired and ready to help!  Linda and I have worked together for 39 years....she was there when I started!  This was her 40 year celebration which is what mine will be next year if I make it.  

Enjoy your day kids.  I'll be busy piddling.  

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