Thursday, November 24, 2016

in praise of leftovers

It never ceases to amaze me how long it takes to prepare a Thanksgiving meal that is consumed in 30 minutes.  But then there's more for later!  We've got turkey out the ass because I got an extra one.  I almost got through the blessing before choking up.  I'm the elder now....the one to give thanks for who we are and what we have been as a family.  I think Mom was looking down from heaven in approval of my rendition of her recipes.  

BG got here late last night and is steady curled up with the dogs on my bed watching TV.  She already has a Christmas tree so there will be some ornament shopping from the giant pile.  I don't have one yet and will probably go with the live kind.  There's just something about a cut tree that makes me happy.  Daddy used to get white pines with a ball and planted them here and there all through the yard.  Once my brother and his friend backed over one in their truck and they tried to duct tape it back together to stay out of trouble. Didn't work. Y'all be careful out there black Friday shopping.  Support small business and buy something besides ties and sweaters.  

Gratitude ~ 

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