Sunday, November 6, 2016

for all the saints

I wasn't real sure what time it was when I woke up but saw a bit of daylight and realized it was only six.  My phone changed again like it was supposed to this time, which is a good thing.  Lily knocked it off the nightstand early am so it was her fault I didn't sleep later.  I was waiting in the foyer of FUMC when Marilyn and Freddie arrived to share the service honoring church members who have died in the past year.  I was real careful not to sit on the same pew as last year but we were up close.  I like it better that way.  I got lots of hugs from people I rarely see outside of the hustle and bustle of every day life.  They are my tribe of sorts, my church family.  The wreath up front had 11 candles burning, one for each saint.  There was a 12th that remained unlit to signify saints to come.  We were invited to light individual ones on the altar with communion and ( of course) mine wouldn't light so I just prayed while Melanie did it for me.  The service was inspirational and uplifting.  I cried, but not much.  I could feel the presence of both of my saints in that sanctuary just like in the old days when we sat together as a family and that gave me faith.  Many of the others on the list I was close to....Mr. Fisher, Dusty, and Dianne just to name a few.  I even got my picture made in the Sellers SS class by cousin Ann next to the wreath Mama donated.  

My friend Jim spotted yesterday evening's barn pic and offered to do a little fixing which turned out beautifully.  I'm more of a composition kind of person and don't take the time to enhance.  Plus, I have no camera....just a badass phone.  Maybe Santa will bring one.  

T+ 2 days and no sign of Larry so I reckon he's grounded.  God love him, he chewed up every flip flop in the house.  I have nada to piddle around in.  That's okay though.  I'm the one who invited him into the inn.  

Y'all have a blessed day.  

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