Monday, November 7, 2016

twas the night before.....

Thanks be to all that is holy for the election being over tomorrow.  I have completely lost faith that anything will ever be accomplished by either candidate because of the constant Congressional bickering.  I am sad beyond words that Bernie isn't on the ballot because I think he could have pulled this one off considering all the hoorah. FBI my ass.  I haven't trusted them since JFK's death.  

Anyway, my hero of this election season is none other than Adrian Montague, an independent candidate vying for the 8th Congressional seat in the state of TN.  Imagine Bernie as an "approaching" middle age veteran who really wants to make a difference in how Congress works.  Stephen Fincher was the ag man rep which is very profitable vote wise in this district.  Not sure what "man" Kustoff is but I know one of the other contenders was a millionaire doctor.  No special interests, especially not ag or healthcare.  Remember Frist?  Gah.

Speaking of which, healthcare is the number one industry in our state so no wonder all those corporate giants like Blue Cross et al headquarter here.  Lower tax rates maybe?  Who the hell knows.  Nashvegas is headquarters and the hub for many providers is centered around there.  That is where our public health lab is and they perform amazing feats with very little funding from state government.  

It is what it is.  Open enrollment has started and my health insurance went up 3% with no raise in two years.  Y'all do the math.  I got the bills for my funky finger and was floored at the amount I owed the contracted ER group.  There will be more discussion about this.  Come and get me.  The hospital co-pay I can live with and the radiology guys' 30 bucks for 2 x-rays.  

Lock your doors tomorrow night.  There may be anarchy!

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