Thursday, September 1, 2016

no time for that

Being a medical professional myself I have very little patience with overbooking when it comes to my appointments.  So, when I showed up for a scheduled eye exam and found a FULL waiting room I asked if it was "one of those days" to which the kind lady replied yes.  I immediately re-scheduled for next week in the early morning.  If I find the same situation again, I'll look elsewhere.  My time is important too, and I'm the one paying for it.  

There's a slow leak in my front tire so I headed to Patterson brothers to air it up one.more.time.  I really need new ones but am waiting to see what happens with the BK trustee about getting a newer car.  If I have to keep this one, they will be replaced and so will the hubcaps,  There will be repair on the exhaust to get rid of the noise and I'll drive it 'til I die.  

Finally, the oppressive heat has lifted and there's a breeze.  It won't last but it sure is nice.  Meanwhile, Florida is looking like hurricane territory.  The very spot that Lorna passed through yesterday which is Perry looks to be right dead center of the path but not many folks will be spared the heavy rain including the east coast.  This is when beaches would be a "nice place to visit" but don't really want to live there.  

This thing in Turkey is simmering and one of my co-worker's husbands is chilling in Bulgaria seeing what's gonna' happen.  Around those parts you  never know.  There's drama everywhere so we just have to hang onto each other for dear life and be strong.  

Since my scope was cancelled postponed I have a dental appointment when I would have been under the twilight with something up my ass.  Instead there will be hands in my mouth as long as Dr. Bob hangs on 'til then.  

Cousin Mo designs high end hotels for a living and is on the road constantly with various Indians and a smattering of local investors.  Her current project is a huge one and totally cool....restoration of a grand hotel in Little Rock built in the early 1900s.  My mother had a trivet that said "I am not Martha Stewart" but she and Millette come closer than anybody I've ever seen.  

It's almost my birthday which is always in fair week.  Back in the days when I worked the gates I usually got a cake delivered by Mama or Daddy as they came and went.  It was over by the cemetery then, the gaudy lights and music in stark contrast to the tombstones.  I remember attending my Uncle Bud's full military service with that crazy stuff going on in the background.  It kind of took away from the moment, so to speak.

For the first time in three weeks, my hip isn't aching.  That's what happens when you listen to your body and rest.  

Over and out.

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  1. Diet Coke might help your hip. It helped my shoulder. A half can is generally enough aspertame to keep it from waking you up in a couple of hours. Aspertame doesn't work for everyone, Dr. Grayden, newspaper column guy, can tell you why.
    I think my '98 Mustang will let me "drive it 'til I die." It has 109K miles, I put 60K of those in the last 15 years. I won't be driving before another 15 go by.