Tuesday, September 27, 2016

hill street blues

Alrighty then.  According to who you listen to, Hillary kicked Trump's ass live last night. This is what happens when a dumbass debates a smart person.  End of story.  Sure, the media had their spin on it but.  I'll just be glad when it's over.  

More dead people in public places, thankyouverymuch NRA.  Of all venues, you never think of being struck down at Macy's.  Or elementary school.  Or the movie.  He had a gun which he may or may not have stolen, but he was able to get off five deadly shots in sixty seconds and had a history of mental illness per his own family.  Then there's Aleppo being bombed to high heaven.   My friend the little general quoting her mother would say " if not this world, then the next!".  

Larry's owner came and picked him up yesterday and he was back this afternoon when I got home from work.  So much for him staying on his end of the road.  If he kills Bev's chickens there will be hell to pay!  There was a heavy fog again today so I crept into work through the misty darkness in much cooler air.   Thank you lort. 

I was at the shady Dolla Gentral' on the way home and ran into my old friend Margie.  Her son and BG played teeball together a hundred years ago and she had an oops boy who is just about to graduate.  Lots of baby mama drama and all that but she's upbeat and still taking care of her mama Ms Irene.  As usual, I paid for a bag of ice and forgot it because I was busy talking.  

At Money Mike's t he cute girl at the counter asked me if I wanted to see a picture of who her husband is messing with.  Um..sure.  "She's ugly" I said.  "I know right??"   I told her to call old girl's husband and let him know what's up.  There is always karma to count on.  

Y'all  be careful out there 

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