Saturday, September 10, 2016

the saga continues

When I got up this morning my face was still swollen up to the eye so I headed to my favorite FNP at Hometown Urgent Care.  It was pretty obvious I needed a shot so there were of steroids and the other of Rocephin to kick those other antibiotics into gear.  She wasn't alarmed so I'm not either now.  She told me the pharmacy got broken into this morning and I headed that way with my prescription for MORE steroids.  

What I found was a very busy staff carrying on business while the cleanup was underway on the broken window.  It happened, in broad daylight, at 7:40 this morning and according to one of the girls all they got was a big box of skittles.  Sometimes people are just stupid beyond belief.  I remember one time this guy I knew broke out a drive through window at a local pharmacy and crawled in, all on camera.  Idiot.

This brings me back to my usual rant on the evils of opiates when unscrupulous doctors hand them out like candy for a co-pay.  Sure, they're harder to get now so abusers have turned to other fun things like heroin.  This didn't happen overnight and is largely the fault of people like Pharma Bro et al.  

Since I'm wired on steroids I expect to get a lot done at Casa Poops today.  Stay tuned!


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  1. Take care with that swelling. I hope it gets better very soon.