Friday, September 2, 2016


I have five days a row!  It's been several months since I knew that feeling and that was with two days of hard travel to the beach and back.  This time there is no travel involved except to the beer store.  I intend to sleep a lot, piddle a lot and generally forget about real life outside of my own little world.  Mamye and Steve came over with power tools and removed the ancient medicine cabinet in my bathroom so that we can put up the "pretty" one from Mama's house.  It was quite a shock when the old one came out to see the bare oak studs of BG's closet wall.  There was no money stashed because we looked.

I can actually feel fall stirring in the air, something that Mama and I used to start lusting for around the 4th of July when the cicadas start up.  Though we never topped a hundred this year, it was a very looooong period of super size hot and humid.  Horrendous, is what Little Patsye called it.  She's on her usual mission to get everybody together for a meal which is like herding cats.  They all know that when I'm working, I don't get back out for dinner.  The jammies just feel too good.  

I'm ashamed to say that I'm not really sure what Labor Day is about but I'm assuming it's in honor of all us working stiffs.  You know, we the people who work all our lives trying to make a difference in a country where money and politics rule.  The wars that were fought in the first part of this century were honorable and true.  Nothing since Korea has had any sort of true meaning except for protecting oil.  During the Great Recession our government bailed out multi-major corporations and the price of gas was 4 bucks.  Perhaps renewable energy is about to become a real thing.

Our local newspaper had an article yesterday about our regional power provider TVA and their "surcharge".  I remember when it first appeared on my statement in line item style and was told that it was a temporary fee to recover the cost of repairing the coal ash spill in Roane county and paying fines for toxic waste.   It took two years longer than the five projected for the EPA to pronounce it fixed and yet the surcharge remains.  Good work dude.  Keep on asking questions.  

Always rebel with a cause ~

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