Saturday, September 3, 2016

mission accomplished

Last I heard from Lorna she and her daughter were reunited in the midst of that last hurricane.  I know that Gracie is beside herself!  Their plans are to stop by Appalachicola on the way back to Tn.  They got hit like a mofo.  The last hurricane that I personally remember there was Isaac which destroyed my favorite place to stay in Gulf Shores at the state park.  This is where the turtle volunteers schooled me on nests.  

BG is on her way to her own getaway with the very pregnant Heather.  There was a big wreck off I-40 at Bucksnort which put her about an hour behind but I heard them squeal when she walked in the door.  God is good, all the time.  

As for me, the piddling has become intense and won't stop until I have some sort of order in this old house.  There will be pictures and invitations for dinner.  Trust me!

Peace out ~

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