Thursday, September 29, 2016

fatigue and skunkbait

It's Thursday which in my neck of the sawmill is a very busy day of the week.  I tried taking half a BP pill yesterday and though I'm sure it was "normal" I felt like shit today so there you go.   Or maybe it's just because I'm getting older and on my feet constantly.  Who knows. 

I kept smelling the scent of skunk yesterday afternoon inside the house so I just assumed that the dogs had gotten into it with one and pissed it off.  I didn't notice it this morning but when Sam met me at the car door, it hit me like a ton of bricks.  It's him, of course.  Larry went home with his mama yesterday and was back this morning before I left the house. *sigh*  When I pulled up this afternoon I loaded him up in the backseat of the Camry to take him home and didn't have my keys on me so just said eff it and tried to get him out.  He wouldn't budge.  He is now lounging in the car with the door open in case he decides to get out.  Oh yes, I am the dog whisperer.   He's limping now, probably from my boys going all alpha on him.  

We don't have a no kill shelter here so I won't go that route.  He's way too sweet.  I guess he'll just be part of the pack.  He would make a perfect house dog for somebody who didn't already have three on the inside.  

I have no words of wisdom or smartassisms today. Maybe tomorrow, umkay?

Manifest ~

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