Wednesday, September 7, 2016

as root canals go....

The one I had today was probably the best ever.  The infected root ran from under a bridge up to my nose and I've been carrying it around for four months with the help of three rounds of clindamycin.  First I got my eyes checked and there was no evidence of loss of vision.  I had to leave before I picked out glasses so as to get to the dentist whom I found kicked back reading the newspaper.  He and I share the same birthday so he got the last of the UT framed prints.  

I was scheduled to meet the non-profit who will clean out the house at around 12 and was headed that way when I got a phone call saying there's a delay.  Whatever.  I've got time to burn on this my last day off of 5.  I could totally get used to it, just saying.  

I got a birthday card hand crafted by my friend Kathy in Florida.  She was supposed to be headed this way for her mom's birthday in September  Hurricanes.  Maybe in October she says!

Lorna and Gracie and Jasper and Hazen all just left here.  They have had a long haul from Silvertop to Miami  (with hurricane) and back but all is well.  We are all in this thing together oddly enough.  It's amazing how life works those things out.  

Work called yesterday just to check in I guess because they miss me.  Heh.  Sounds like the same old song and dance on a different day.  I will report in the AM and do my best to save lives and make a difference.

Quality care ~

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