Tuesday, September 20, 2016

the perfect meme

In early social media days there was a lot of copy and paste type deals where you tell about yourself in a list of things like favorite food, etc.  Boring as hell, and I admit I did it on more than one occasion.  Trust me..nobody reads them.   My first few years as a blogger were rather rant driven so it wasn't until I left Poop Happens that I began to see my blogging as THE story of my life.  Thus, the rambling resume as template for the golden years ahead.

I love to cook but haven't had a dishwasher in years and it's just me so there you go.  I learned from my mother all southern and gracious and deep fried and decadent.  For years I carried around a high cholesterol and triglyceride because my husband liked to fry everything and smoke pork.  Once I started eating lighter, that went away and so did the blood sugar hovering at high normal with the HA1C.  Now I eat when I'm hungry and pick what I want instead of just shoving down the usual. Tonight's menu is a chicken kabob from the famous Dodger store.  

Just got off the phone with friends who lift me up and help me believe that it's all good.  I refuse to be any other way, ya know? There is no future in negativity and control.  I need to save my money for a badass camera but I keep spending on little pleasures like handmade soap from Epiphany Soapworks in Newbern.  

Nothing else new in this neck of the woods.  Carry on ~