Thursday, September 15, 2016

float like a butterfly

I was taking a break on the back parking lot the other day and it was cool enough to have my arm out the window.  This fragile looking delicate butterfly landed on the mirror and I coaxed it on over to my funky finger where she chilled a bit while I thought deep things.  It was the act of actually BEING still in a moment and feeling the awe.  That's a very good totem.  

Lily let me sleep until 8 but I was up at at it pretty soon with a long list of shit to do.  That included a trip to Lowe's for AC filters and pansies plus an oil change.  Sometimes I whine and think I have it bad but these poor guys at SpeedLube were total gentlemen and took care of me and Betty while we traded tales.  As it turns out, this minimum wage guy got immediately promoted to manager when the oil guy walked off yesterday because they can't get any.  He trotted his little self right on over to O'Reilly and hooked us girls up.  

Next stop was Patterson Brothers to get the bad tire checked out and they found nothing so, um.  Why is it going flat once a week?   I visited a shady used car dealer down the road and don't like the terms so I might as well make the trusty Camry a safer place to be.  The spray nozzle on the windshield is broken so I went looking for a fix for that.  Auto Zone was little help, however a lady at O'Reilly found the part for 18 bucks but I'd have to install it.  AutoZone guy suggested cable ties which O'Reilly lady just happened to have so I saved some money there.  

By then it was dolla' gentral time and approaching 85ish.  I now have a hair dryer which has been absent from my life for about a month.  I use the one at work in hematology sometimes! 

I wandered around watching Diane stock Halloween candy and thought about Pax and my pitiful attempt to have pumpkin spice vodka delivered to his doorstep.  BTW dear, I'm working on plan B.  Fear not my brother.  

When I got home it was full on dust in the wind time with corn shelling all around me.  Following a small break, they continue.  The landscape around the barn is changing again and it makes me think about when we had puppies born under there from Ryder.  There were ten of 'em and each found homes thanks to a network of dog lovers.  Chester was their daddy and he got fixed shortly thereafter.  He and Reece haven't been to see me lately.  

There is a peace that comes with ceasing to beat your head against the wall.  Adapting to change is a survival skill that will make or break a lifestyle.  As a country we are on the precipice of putting government back into the hands of voters.  That can only be accomplished by pulling the lobbies and donors out of the process, Period.  Voting along party lines without actually doing your homework is sort of like betting on the Superbowl.  What the eff ever.

Time to play in the dirt.  Later kids ^j^

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  1. Janie, do you have rabbits on the loose there or do they stay away because of the dogs. We had oodles of them all fall, winter, and summer. Now they're gone. Are they hiding, ran away, got poisoned, or what do rabbits do?