Thursday, September 22, 2016

the better to see you with, my dear

I finally quit procrastinating and got my eyes checked last week.  I had noticed that my far away vision like when driving was um..not very good.  The specs that I picked up today fixed that for my drive to Jackson.  As usual, nothing worked out as planned and my BK petition to get a car was postponed again until October for some more number crunching.   As I was emptying my stuff to go through the detector I noticed a familiar face standing nearby, none other than Robert Moore doing federal courthouse duty.  I wondered where he went!  The lady in front of me remarked on how fancy the official BK courtroom is considering all the people who come there are broke except for the attorneys.  Just a little bit of overkill on the decor, ya know?

I walked with attorney back across the courtyard where the (not so) trusty Camry was parked and we chatted about a few things.  She is an old family friend as well so we all know each others' business.  Her brother Tony was pallbearer for not just one but BOTH of my parents.  Then I headed up Highland to pick BG up for birthday lunch.  She had her mind on a good burger so we tried Red Robin and I was in awe of how good a real burger tastes.  Plus....bottomless fries.  Neither one of us could eat the whole thing so she went home with leftovers.  Black and die for.  

My usual route to and from her house is blocked totally for construction so I did a few back turns both going and coming.   At one point we ended up heading north to whatever town is next and did a U turn to get back on track with the by-pass as our guide.  Nothing but time on our hands.

And yes, it's still 90 with no relief in sight until the first snow falls..that's  how we roll in Tennessee.  Wearing a sweater to homecoming is no longer a thing.    I noticed Larry the dog hanging out at Poopie's Pet Hotel this morning so Sophie is grounded until her time is past.  

Let's think positive on that one.   ^j^

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