Tuesday, September 6, 2016


I loaded up a few things to take to their new owners this morning on the way to the dentist.  Kay wasn't busy at all so we had the rare treat of an uninterrupted visit at the FH which has been my home away from for the past year or so.  I delivered four'o'clock seeds for she and Marla and ANOTHER couple of UT prints that will go to appreciative folks who don't have a clue they're on the way.  

The bad news is that I have to get a root canal in the morning.  UGH.  Under a bridge, no less which will require drilling through said hardware.  I think he was kind of wanting to do it like "right now" but I wasn't prepared for all that.  Soooo....on my last day off I'll get my vision checked and show up for the deed.  If I had a buck for every one I've had, I could go to Fiji right now.  

Next stop was the law office where I found an empty desk in my friend's office and no Mark.  I just left the Mayberry Courthouse and Andy's patrol car right in the middle of that desk.  No explanation required, ya know?  I dropped the parcel in the mail that contains a commemorative silver dollar honoring Lewis and Clark.  That goes to Quapaw Canoe owner John Ruskey in Clarksdale.  

Little by little, folks are sharing the life of my parents through what they left behind.  To say that I'm relieved to almost be done with it is an understatement.  I got a random call from a long ago co-worker today wanting to know if I was at work because she was having something done.  Nope.  On the way to the dentist!

If you happen to go to the Dyer County Fair this week, please say a great big thank you to all the volunteers who make it happen each year.  They give tirelessly, in the heat, to make sure everybody has a good time.  Ag rocks. 

My friend Tracy offered me some chickens which I said thanks but no thanks to because *dogs.  She swears they make friends easily.  I have a dozen country eggs in my frig thanks to Beverly so I don't need the extra work.  Three dogs and a cat are plenty of animals.  Really.

Y'all keep your fingers crossed on this root canal.  It probably won't be pretty.


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