Sunday, September 25, 2016

hotspot redux

My phone bill doubled this past month due to replacing a lost "device" for BG and using my own device as a hotspot for a week.  This was not the fault of the guy who came a week after I called to fix the  line which took half a day, bless his heart.  He said somebody would be by soon to bury it.  Um.  The line made it through Mayberry's first mowing because I gave him a heads up.  Yesterday, it was different guys and they didn't have a clue.  Thus, line cut to pieces.  I do have the nice man's number who fixed it last time and will be giving him a call.  This time he won't have to cut the bushes away from the box on the house.  Little things.

The Johnson family have been my neighbors my whole life.  There's an entire village between Pecan Lane and Casa Grands on the right side of the road. Out mayor lives in the first house set back from the road closer to the river.  She sees water out the back door lots of times.  There is a lot of family drama swirling right now on their side of the road and I feel for them.  With one family member on hospice care and another between nursing homes, it's a hot mess.  Poor David doesn't understand why he can't watch TV ( it was cut off ) in his trailer with no windows.  I found him pissed off on the road yesterday with a phone book, ranting about his brother.  Just remember guys:  He ain't heavy.....

His particular situation highlights the flaws in our mental health system with particular emphasis on long term care.  Thousands of people deal with this dysfunction on a daily basis because there is no help outside what insurance will pay.  When they're done?  You're out on your ass.  I still owe a local home money for when my Mama landed there two years ago out of Medicare $.  Maybe the Chinese billionaire will change his focus from the gaming industry to quality care. could happen.  

Larry the dog has taken up residence here but I'm not feeding him or letting him in.  He belongs to the guy at the very end of Samaria Bend to the right who owned the GREAT DANE who got Faith pregnant when she was 10.  She developed pyometra and died within a year of giving birth.  When she was sick, BG and I took her to the hospital in the Camry and Cassie Rae came out and drew her blood!  White count was 60K and never budged.  She was my special girl and I miss her still yet I see her gentle spirit in granddaughter Sophie.  

I was in bed way before dark yesterday just because I could be and slept for over 12 hours.  What a blessing to be able to rest.  The house is still a mess but the laundry is getting done and the rest will follow.  I've got nothing but the rest of my life.  

love thy neighbor ~

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