Wednesday, August 31, 2016

the un-friend

One of the hardest lessons for me to learn is that friends are made and held tight for a period of time and then they fade into their next chapters and me into mine.  These are the best kind because they come out of the woodwork when you need support the most.  They will text at just the right time or pick up the phone or just stop by.  My house is finally presentable enough to have company so we'll work on getting a comfy living room.  The kitchen chairs are hard on old asses.  

Lorna and the kids are about 3/4 to their destination and hitting the weather from TD8 on the way.  My friend Billy in Ft Walton noted that Florida hasn't seen a bad storm in several years but it looks like this is Louisiana grade flooding potential. 

I bought a FireStick yesterday and discovered right quick that the laptop and stick don't like to share bandwidth.  So I just turned off the TV and headed for the keyboard.  I know.  I'm Janie and I'm an addict.  

As it turns out my date for colonoscopy got cancelled by the facility and as a matter of finance I chose to wait until they re-open for business.  Thank goodness I'm not bleeding to death but then if I were I'd just go to the ER with everybody else.  Lily is knocking off pictures of my great grandparents because she an and she knows sit pisses me off.  *sigh*

Happy hump day ~

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