Wednesday, September 14, 2016

social work

Over the course of the past few years I have been involved with every possible point of entry in the entire fractured healthcare system that serves us.  Basically, it's all about the money and what Medicare pays based on acuity of care and length of stay.  If you're sick and require a lot of care then you're out on your ass and if there's no family as full time caregiver, you're screwed.  This is where I know that my babygirl will step up to the plate if I get to the point where I can't function.  Many folks don't know that luxurious feeling.  I've talked with several friends today about their frustrations with access to care.  One involves mental health and a juvenile in trouble, and another just a freaked out young lady who is a kickass writer and has a sick mama and elderly granny.  Skibaby hasn't even been gone for three months yet and they're dealing with all this.  

That being said, I have a day off and intend to sleep until either the cat acts out of I have to pee.  I still feel very blessed to be out of pain.  It's still hot as hades.  I remember that it was miserable the year Lauren was born all the way up until we brought her home down the street from the hospital and it cooled off enough for her to wear the little calico dress from the gift shop.  We lived there for four years in a nice 22K house that we flipped to move out here to Green Acres.  The rest is history!

For the life of me I do not understand hatred and greed.  I've been guilty of some sins, but have never really felt those because I'm so warm and fuzzy.  After watching the video about the 10 worst cities in TN and seeing that our crime rate is 5th and unemployment is 8% I understand why options here are limited.  There is, however, a real push to revitalize the downtown area and capitalize on the natural resource that is the Forked Deer river.  All it would take is a cleanup effort by concerned citizens.  

I hope Hillary got some steroids and antibiotics so she can kick Trump's stupid ass.  That is all from me and mine.  Say hey to mama and all them.


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