Tuesday, September 13, 2016

learning curve

Even with all my healthcare experience I probably wouldn't have known the importance of a blocked LAD artery had my own husband not had one that almost killed him at 39.  It's called "the widow maker" because the EKG is characteristically tombstone looking.  That was 20 years ago when activase was brand new and routinely used to open blockages like his for transport to a big city facility for heart cath.  He went in a helicopter and the clot busting drug worked so well that his EKG was normal before he left our ER. Dr Hayes and my sister-in-law were there to explain it all.  

He was so anticoagulated that the cath had to be put off until the next day where it was treated without stent placement.  Less intervention, don't you know.  Long story short....as in 50 % of these cases that don't include a stent, he had early closure three months later and returned to Methodist North to have the whole thing redone.  

Fast forward to today as I watched from the control room while a patient had that very thing done in what used to be the ER where my husband was treated.  I watched the goings on waiting to do my little bit which was never needed but it was an interesting experience to say the least.  Watching on screen as blockages are located and resolved is pretty darn cool.  I observed in amazement as people in masks communicated via microphone with the RN in charge of recording the whole thing.  She is one helluva nurse, BTW.  

The facial recovery continues but the GI symptoms are causing some shall we say "butt issues" which are many days away from resolution because of the number of Augmentin left in that bottle.  And yes, I'm using probiotics.  

It's still hot...those 50s never showed up and are nowhere in the near future.  I read today that this August was the hottest one ever recorded which I totally believe.  The heat was relentless, and still hangs on.  Perhaps someday, this too shall pass.  Then it will be the dead of winter with only a week or two of pleasant weather.  Hey...it is what it is in this area of the country.  

Only in America do we chastise a presidential candidate for being sick on the campaign trail and elevate a fallen Olympian to TV status as a dancer.  Geez man.  Where are our priorities!  Last on my list of things to worry about is NOK because if they want to blow us away, it's all over but the launching.  They are ruthless and power hungry.  

That's is for Terrific Tuesday from Pecan Lane.  More later.

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