Monday, September 26, 2016

every dog has his day

 I hope you are all incredibly excited about the debate because I am not.  To think that these two people with their transparent lives are going to duke it out on live TV makes me sick because really?  If you don't know by now, why bother.  It's not like there were a slew of viable candidates.  I predict the GOP will swing Hillary's way.  We shall see, as they say in the Bible.  

Larry the brindle pit has become a fixture at my house which is nice for a visit but um, go home dude.  He has also visited the end of the lane where chickens lives.  He's still alive so I reckon he didn't kill any of them.  This is the dog I named Billy during the estate sale and later found that he had a name.  I got in touch with one of his people today and said let's fix this thing.  It took five phone calls just to make that connection a mile down the road.  Lerd.

Speaking of phone marathons, I called to make an appointment for DSL repair this  morning because the gigs are steady burning on the badass phone.  I got somebody in the Southwest region who couldn't handle my billing adjustment question and got transferred three times.  Never one to give up easily, I hung up after an hour with an appointment for cable replacement and the resolve to get justice.  When I got home I called Mary and we hashed it all out about the outage adjustments and whatnot.  Plus the fact that UVerse is not available even though I'm a cell and TV customer.  She marked that as "important."

So the buzz is now that corporate is kind of circling the wagons and the divesting of more facilities is "to be continued."  Wayne Smith, bless his heart, only got his usual whatever millions last year and no raise.  Here's a news flash dude....neither did I.  And I haven't seen one this year either.  I understand that you're in bad financial trouble.  The whole world knows it!  Just remember that a whole shitload of people are in the trickle down of how you handle this divestiture of  what Old Hoss would call "A  bad move."  The sheer magnitude of debt that was the HMA merger was more than the industry can sustain at this point.  There are strengths to many networks such as Tennova if they are free to capitalize on what CHS was originally about.... quality rural healthcare.   We don't need to be a flagship here in the 'burg.  But we've got the talent to make good things happen.  Tick.Tock.

Today's totem was none other than the sly Mr. Fox whom I thought was Larry except the tail was bushy and he jumped like a quick brown one.  That was right after raccoon.  Hopefully with the cool down there will be no more armadillos.  

Y'all keep the faith.  

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