Sunday, September 4, 2016

labor day eve

Me and mine are all about the happiness of anticipation and often start with "happy birthday eve eve" or some such.  Merry Christmas eve eve eve!  For my mother every occasion required a family dinner and most times there was a ketchup bottle on the table in the picture.  That's how we rolled because there was almost always grilled burgers.  And always, with the cake.  I didn't have one last year because she was all busy getting a cast. I especially adore DQ ice cream ones.  Once she sent lunch for the entire lab PLUS cake.  What a woman.  

I miss her now but in a different way than before.  She is becoming alive again as I sort through the history and give away her things mindfully.  The nurse who took care of her at the end got the gorgeous antique bed and already has it up.  Mama would like that.  I see the impact that she and my Daddy made on this community and I am humbled.  

It's kind of cool going through their things in the comfort of my own home with time to savor memories.  My favorite Labor Day memory is the last dove hunt Daddy and Harry attended together.  It was right across the road from me so naturally I was out there with a camera.  Bubba fried fish and a good time was had by all and their ATVs.  Jim's retriever was the only one I saw.    Other times he cooked burgers at the cabin.  Being a manager has its' perks.  He's enjoying the hell out of Pickwick right now.  

On my run to the gentral' I bumped into Danny and Jacob on their way to church.  He and his sister had so much fun while we were estate selling down there.  And so did everybody else.  Now I have time to call the two old timers about farm history.  

The clan at Silvertop made it home like a sparrow in a hurricane and that's just a blessing from God.  There's an entire book up in that story but it's not mine to tell.  Because can't make this shit up.

Enjoy your day and count your blessings ~

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