Friday, September 23, 2016

the afib flutter

Linda Sue returned to work today following her heart episode which she thought was resolved but um, no.  About middle of the day she started getting in a twit and there it went like a house on fire.  She has only been on the meds for two days and it takes time and tweaking to get things right.  If that doesn't work, there's ablation.  I heard that her words to the ER doc were "I'm so mad I could SPIT!"  I bet girl, I bet.  The sawmill is stress enough but her plate is full of family stuff too, bless her heart.  We expect our cures to be quick and easy when actually they're a process.  Removing stress is the absolute key to healthy living, no doubt.  

I was working today and all of a sudden had a teary moment remembering the remodel of this housed 28 years ago.  We started in October  and by the time it snowed Daddy was painting and hanging wallpaper.  I will never forget the first cardinals in snow.  Lord, what a sight.  It was April when we moved in with a truck load from GAFCO bought with the sale of our house on Tickle.  We made 5K and spent every penny of it furnishing this place.  Now, there's nothing left but the antiques and a few hand me downs.  

Even though I sold the super gigantic heavy dresser I've been adjusting to the one from my father's room which, still, smells like him.  I catch a whiff now and then.  I don't need a ten foot wide mirror.  I need "little boxes" that are organized to where I can find my shit when I need it.  Fortunately I have piles and piles of them.  

Happy Friday from me and the critters.  

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