Wednesday, September 28, 2016

larry update

Dog #4 is lounging against the front door watching life pass by on Pecan Lane.  I finally talked to his real mama a bit ago and she's picking him up when she gets off.  "He's my baby" she said.  I could tell by his sweet demeanor that he's somebody's baby!  She said he went all the way to Halls one time.  Reminds me of Faith and her by-pass crossing ways.  One time she ended up in Lenox by way of UPS driver.  On yet another occasion I had to rescue her from the ATT lot when she got locked in after hours.  I picked her up from the humane society three times and once at the karaoke bar.  

She shared with me that her grandfather was just diagnosed with lung disease and she's worried about how she'll keep up with Larry while helping to care for  grandpa and work.  I know the feeling girl.  I certainly do.  We'll work it all out like animal lovers do.  It takes a village.  

Sam was originally meant to be a replacemet dog for the one my daddy dragged down highway 51 behind his truck.  He was going to the co-op and had him chained in and didn't notice he fell out.  That was about the 5th border collie he lost and after he was put down he said to hell with it on dogs.  A well meaning friend who had an active pup living in his daughter's apartment brought Sammy D out here looking all precious and offered him up as a condolence to Daddy's loss.  He was sitting in Amy's lap in the cab of that ancient truck.  It was love at first sight.  

I was soooooooooo excited and took him down there to try him out.  Mom said it was like having a stranger in the house.  As many pets as we had growing up, there was never one allowed in the house.  I guess that's why I sleep in a pile of dogs and cat.  

I'm feeling pretty blessed  and assertive.  That's a powerful combination when coupled with peace.  It's what makes things happen in the universe.  The weather is moderating but the allergens are killer.  I checked my propane yesterday and found to my surprise that there's a goodly amount there.  I must have bought ahead when the money was flowing.  

Learning to be still.