Friday, September 9, 2016

from bad to worse

By the time I got a couple of pain pills in me yesterday things settled down enough so that I could piddle a bit before retiring early.  I woke up this morning and hit snooze a couple of times before getting up to start my day.  I knew my face felt kind of tight but it wasn't hurting so it wasn't until a little later when I was in front of a mirror that I saw the swelling.  Like, a lot.  The left side of my face from jaw to hairline looked like a Snapchat picture.  Alright then, I guess my eye was still open because I kept ice on it all night.  Still no pain but a warm feeling ono the cheek so here I go to the sawmill to face the day.  

As I pulled in and walked up the hill in the dark I hollered at the ER doc coming on duty and told him what was up and of course he couldn't see a thing in the parking lot.  Inside with light he felt of it and heard the rest of the story and we decided on one test which was normal.  He was kind enough to help me out with souped up antibiotics which I went to get ASAP when the pharmacy opened.  I've seen enough body parts swelling that I'm particularly afraid of the face and head.  This is the very same guy who pulled my funky finger back into place a month ago..I got the bill for that today, BTW.  

And then, it started to hurt again.  I have to say that I have a very high tolerance for pain which is why drugs have never been a big thing with me.  I experiment to see what works and if ibuprofen will get it, that's what I choose.  Unfortunately, that ain't the case here.  Of course I've googled cellulitis and punctured sinus cavities and all manner of things.

Marilyn came by work today to bring me some birthday cookies so of course I got to bawling over how sweet what she said to me was.  "I'm not your mama or your daddy but we're still family."  Indeed sister.  Indeed!

Thank you for all the warm wishes and virtual hugs.  That kind of love is what keeps me going and believing with faith.  People are good.  And so is God.


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