Saturday, September 24, 2016

major tech fail

My internet went out about a month ago which involved a guy coming out to lay cable from the cornfield to the box.   It never got buried and was cut today by the yard crew.  I think it's time to shop because using a Samsung as a hotspot is not in the budget.  

The critters woke me up around five and I piddled until Kroger opened so I could get some decent food.  There is a roast in the oven that I'm sure will be enjoyed by all.  If you're hungry you know where I stay.  The front desk doesn't open until 9 so I had an intense conversation with Western Union by phone over my internet failure.  Girl gave me six bucks off of the usual 12 for wiring to Jackson.  Bitches have my number and everything.  

After that I went down to Heaven Cent to pick up my family memorabilia that accidentally got hauled.  It was in a little room all safe and sound.  The dreadlock guy carried it to the car and Bobby Dean brought it in for me.  Currently it sits on a nasty ass floor.  Maybe I can work on that.  DG told me he bought the fireplace for his house.  That made me smile really big.  "Have a blessed day" he said.

So.  As of today Norman Rockwell is on the way to Medford thanks to an incredibly gracious UPS salesperson.  She even offered to repack at no charge.  Customer service..that's what's up.  Last time I looked I'm working for China.  How about you?

November 8, 2016.  Speak your mind. 

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