Sunday, September 18, 2016

little bunny foo foo

The neighbors came by yesterday to pick out a window and we made it back up the steps with no mr snake visible except for that skin.   We were dawdling in the driveway and Mandy noticed movement in the corn shucks over by the asparagus bed.  She edged in a little closer and found a tiny rabbit which she scooped up in her hands to the delight of her son.  We were hauling that big ass window around to the front and got almost loaded when the bunny escaped and took off hoping every which a way while we scrambled around trying to catch him.  I wish I had a video!  He was retrieved and even got posted on FB with his humans.  

Predictably so, the sawmill was dead for hours and all of a sudden jumped to life like a wildfire.  I got to see many of my favorite nurses today so there's that blessing.  We know each other so well we can communicate with facial expressions.  Each of us cares about quality patient care and it shows.  

A friend and co-worker is scheduled for a heart cath tomorrow and she's a hot mess which I totally would be too.  I think it's probably less scary having it done on an emergency basis where you don't have time to dwell on what's coming.  Anywho....Linda Sue's mama died recently and she's trying to tie up loose ends to retire so she's pretty stressed and scared.  Y'all all send up some positive vibes for her health and healing.  
I finally got a good gander at the harvest moon this morning veiled in wispy clouds as I pulled out onto the lane.  I felt my parents sending love through that, if it can make sense at all.  Both of the mornings I showed up to claim their physical bodies, there was a full moon lighting the way.

So I leave you with that, in faith ^j^


  1. The only problem I had with the heart cath was when they lifted me from the bed to the table, and dropped me. It hurt my tailbone.

  2. If they will let her watch on a monitor she should love that. I watched all of mine and four stent deployments and an aaa stent graft deployment. Loved it. But in January the monitor setup messed with my view when they had to repair a leak, endoleak, in the stent graft. I think perhaps they didn't want me to see as that procedure is rather new. It involves a wrapping and then ceramic gluing, all from my groins.
    But the heart caths are pretty, watching the dye spread through.
    Hope this didn't bore you. BTW, the stent graft was put in in April, 2001.