Sunday, September 11, 2016

facial update

The swelling is down considerably but not gone.  I was planning on birthday lunch with BG but seeing as how I'm in the shape I'm in we decided to postpone.  On the way home from Kroger I stopped by Sonic for breakfast to prepare my stomach for the arsenal of meds that is fighting this beast.  The expected runs have begun and are relentless so it's best to stay close to a bathroom at all times.  Probiotics don't begin to touch what Rocephin and Augmentin will do to a gut.  

I hear that UT beat VT in the game of all games.  My parents are rejoicing in heaven as I type along with a whole lot of other Big Orange fans.  Bubba says the corn will go down this week thankyousweetbabyjeebus.  I'll need to stock up on AC filters and ride it out but it will be worth it to have a view again.  A cool front passed through late yesterday and it's quite pleasant for a change.  50s at night is what I adore.  

No other news except for piddling and sorting.  I have piles of family linens and treasures to be shared with what family is left which ain't many.  Mo and Sandy and Marilyn will all get to pick whatever they want.  Besides that there are ceramics made by Gaga and a ton of Christmas village houses.  Not to mention all the family history that is still stored at the cabin.  It's a process, you know.

Getting through my first birthday as an orphan wasn't as bad as I expected emotionally because I was so sick.  I had a visit yesterday from a former co-worker and her tribe who had been to the fair.  They came in two vehicles and even included Russell and Anna .   There's a story about Russell that I've told before and it's pretty cool.  His father and Steven were on patrol together in Iraq and switched positions at the last minute.  Sean was killed.  Steven went on to marry Sean's widow and they then had Princess Anna.  The rest is history, as they say.  

Y'all keep the faith  ^j^  

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