Monday, September 12, 2016

it's a good thing Martha Stewart would say.  Good to be pain free with minimized swelling.  I finally turned the corner this morning on the latest painful event in my never ending quest to stay under the little black cloud.  About two dollars worth of generic drugs plus some shots finally got me a bit more comfortable.  I mean like, enough where I actually smiled at work today and could carry on a conversation.  This experience comes real close to the rotator cuff repair in extreme and unusual pain.  Thank you God for the relief.  

I suppose since it's a slow news day it's all the talk that HRC has pneumonia.  I mean good Lord.  She's been walking around with this for lord knows how long and felt the pressure to keep on keeping on and NOT miss 9/11 in the HEAT and they're all making out like she's about to die and isn't being "transparent".  Bullshit.  If we're gonna get all personal about medical backgrounds how about we take a peek at Trump's psych evaluation?  I got a "make america great again" POS mail from his camp today along with a handmade birthday card from Marti Ann.  Hers totally cancelled out the absurdity of his!

An Iraq vet friend and I had a sidebar conversation today about wars and how the Iraq deal was totally uncalled for....and he was there.  He thinks the Saudis started it all and I don't doubt it but in the end?  It was about the USA protecting big oil interests like in Desert Storm.  Hind sight is 20/20 ya know.

It was cool enough yesterday for me to let my inner pyro child light a small pile in the back, a ceremonial thing mostly including an old bar stool from Century 21.  I have more, trust me.  And a whole boatload of pictures and albums and family trees.  Still purging, slowly but surely.  

All in all it's been a marvelous Monday.  That's in honor of you 
Jerry Allen, wherever you are.  

Relief ~

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