Sunday, November 1, 2015

cloud of witnesses

Today was the first time Mom and I have returned to the corner of Main and McGaughey since Daddy's funeral in August.  She would have been there earlier had she not broken her wrist right after moving to the home.  Never one to get up and at it early like me and Daddy, she chose the late service.  With the time change came daylight at 6AM so I was awake and being badgered by the bitch cat who needed to be fed, or so she thought. Poor thing would die of starvation if it weren't for me.  The drill goes like this: I put out about a half cup, she picks at it and the dogs eat the rest.  Then she comes back 30 minutes later whining for more.  I swear she called me "mama" this morning.  

All Saint's Day is observed on the first Sunday after Halloween which also happens to be communion Sunday for the UMC.  On the way in one of the Sellers' class members told her they had been discussing what Daddy's hymn of the day would be after one of UT's (few) wins this season.  That got Mama teared up and we went full fledged ugly cry during the bell ringing.  There were two family members for us and several co-workers for me.  The staff of the church and funeral home have been amazing during these passages and so have my friends...even random folks who didn't realize how bad things had gotten for our little tribe.  

Ed's message was based on Hebrews 11...the faith chapter.  With communion, we were urged to light an additional candle for the person that had served as a conduit for spirituality and grace in our lives to where we actually believe.  Of course I had trouble picking   just one so I abstained.  The highlight of the service was when Kate did her acolyte duties flawlessly and remembered the day she, her brother and granny came out to pick a puppy for Doc. Her mom told me it's unreal the way Maggie has bonded with her wayward father Chester.  

Lunch with mom's BFF had to be postponed because of multiple conflicts and it's just as well because she was exhausted by the time I got her back to Casa Janice.  Her old friend Red played doorman and helped her back to the "suite" while I hauled fast food.  With ice cream!  She's had church and food and will probably enjoy a little nap.  I'm working on this ( nasty ass ) house and got the worst thing done this morning before shower time.  

The upcoming week looks busy which isn't a bad thing when stuff is getting accomplished.  We have a mover for next Saturday and I'll be working so it's on BG to make it happen.  I'm just trying to get it all clean before the stuff comes!  It's been like this, a loose arrangement of piles, for several years beginning with the de-construction of Daddy's old shop at the Bizzle house.   The piles are smaller and have more meaning, i.e. can be put in boxes and labeled.  That's what's up.  

Grace and peace ~

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