Thursday, November 5, 2015

global warming

Today is November 5th and my AC is on which is not at all unusual for Tennessee.  While driving to the gentral' this morning I started seeing flashing fairy dust on the road meaning a migraine is imminent.  Staying inside helps, a LOT.  The mold has jumped into action what with all the dead leaves and dampness and it is one of my worst enemies.  My basement is a veritable powerhouse of mold, thus we have it in the air up here too.  I got news from corporate today that I will be getting new windows, exterior doors AND an inside paint job.  That little piece of info gave me a reason to look ahead and stay in forward motion.

Third time was the charm at the THP so BG can now drive restrictively in the honorable and stylishly funky Cadi.  This car has a huge ass engine that drinks oil and gas for breakfast but it has served us well since Count Zubrovka delivered it two years ago.  I did some laundry at her place where she will be leaving on Saturday and schlepped on back home to my dryer with the hemostat controls.  Some friends are meeting for dinner and I had to bow out because I'll be in bed by the time they get there!  Hee.  What an old lady I am.  My mother tells me to "go out and have some fun."  What she doesn't realize is that staying at home is the most fun in the world for me.  My car instinctively heads this way after work or a couple of hours out for errands.  

BG got the stomach bug from me and is only on about day 3 so she has a ways to go with it.  I can't remember being that miserable for that long in forever.  If you ask me, it was Ebola.  I read the official response from MSF today on the strikes that killed patients and doctors at their facility.  Don't take my word for that bitch and read all about it.  It was a fully operational hospital with 105 patients clearly marked by the flag of their organization.  Shame on you, whomever was responsible.  Jesus has your name.  
That brings to mind the current guns/mental health debate where everybody points fingers at mental illness to defend lax gun laws yet offers no answers for the dilemma.   A man open carrying a long gun was reported to CO police and continued to do his murder spree because "it's legal" there.  Was he mentally ill?  Obviously.  Had he not been given the right to carry a deadly weapon in public that point would be moot.  Bite my ass 2nd amendment fruitcakes.  Jesus has y'alls names too.  

This day reminds me of one several years ago when Daddy drove up to find me sitting on the porch watching the leaves swirl in the pre-front warm air.  "You waiting for fall to come in?" he asked.  By this point it's usually straight to winter with November as our typical first frost date.  That's when the kudzu will die overnight and reveal this year's hidden bodies.  It's a southern thing, y'all.  Also Tennessee is now home to an exploding armadillo population which I never saw until I was adult.  That was Texas stuff, if you know what I mean.  I wonder how they got across the Mighty Mississippi?

My friend John Ruskey has just finished a Rivergator tour down to the Gulf and has stunning pictures.  He, Michael Clark, Brian Waldrop and Jim Jayroe are my favorite riverguys because they actually walk the walk by going above and beyond for Mother Earth. When the zombies show up, these folks will survive. 

We have a sale penciled in for February or March if all goes according to plan, which usually doesn't around here.  If weather patterns repeat those two months will be iced over but then there's the global warming thing so there you go.  We shall see!

Grace to you and yours ^j^


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