Friday, November 6, 2015

jake from state farm

These past few weeks have been filled with phone calls to and from various agencies such as insurance agents and law enforcement peeps.  The lady named Jo at THP knows my voice and number as we have had numerous conversations about an accident report for which time has been served and deals made without said report being filed and made available to Meredith the  adjuster.  *sigh*  The wheels of forward motion turn slowly, but always in Big Ernie's time.

So it's TGIF even though I'm working the weekend.  It's so sad to say that I don't know which holidays I'll be working because the schedule is seriously not normal at the moment due to variables beyond my control.  I suppose "normal" isn't anymore and it's fly by the seat of your pants from here on out.  It is what it is, you know.  The O's are all in a huddle trying to make sense of our terrible financial situation so that they can get bonuses and whatnot.  It happens every fall, people.

Most financial decisions are made on the basis of productivity vs. bottom line.  The bad part about being in a "division" is that when one of your sisters has a bad year, you get lumped in with them.  Focusing on front line operations and problem solving can do a lot when your company isn't tied to the performance of 200 others.  In fact, that is what it takes to turn the tide with patient satisfaction if that's what it's about.  According to Medicare, it is.

As it turns out somebody in Egypt supposedly put a bomb in the baggage compartment of that jet bound for Russia.  Scientists would call this too bad a conspiracy theory of  Middle Eastern proportions.  I wish I could find an explanation for that kind of horror, but I cannot.  Maybe it's like my Daddy said " it has always been thus and so."  The high point of my day was seeing "Mr.Obama" kill the Keystone project after it's already half way built.  I suppose that the volatility of the earth around Nebraska could be a factor because....fracking.

Bernie continues to kick ass and take names.  Jeb came out about his daughter's addiction and, bless her heart, there was a lot of pressure up in that family for an extended period of time.  Most of it was political, I feel sure, and not of her making.  I can certainly relate, if you know what I mean but I won't vote for him ever.  HW has my heart with his take on Cheney and Rumsfeld.

 Today I ran into the trainer who cut me slack this summer while my world was crashing.  Out of a class of about 30 she chose four go-getters to be front line folks with the Quantificient method of quality improvement and I approve the entire selection.  Had I been 20 years younger and not so burdened with real life, I would have been one too.

Nothing else to see here but cloudy skies and an upbeat attitude ^j^

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