Saturday, November 28, 2015

home grown

 Well, it happened again like we all knew it would.  Crazy person who lives in a state where it is both legal and common to carry a long gun in public and unload it on innocents.  That includes a whole lot of law enforcement types who are just trying to keep people safe.  Dude had the same wild and crazy face as the Waffle House shooter.  Mali gets hit again.  Refugees lounging around in Europe waiting for the Allies to step up.  Republicans digging in for the long haul and be damned if the people suffer.  I am so over it I'd just like to crawl in a bunker and play  Hunger Games.  Nobody is safe anywhere, especially in this not so great country of ours.  In case y'all don't remember let me refresh you on the 9/11 crew.  They had planning the mission for around five years and even did flight training and nobody ever took the threat seriously.  That is, until it became real.

As for the fundies as they shall now be called, I'm more afraid of them than of any Muslim, even a radical one.  They do what they do believing with all their hearts that Jesus would approve and it's just pathetic. So you don't believe in the mission of PP?  Don't go there.  You are not God or the President or any other super human with the power to take a life because you don't agree with something.  According to the SCOTUS abortion is legal.   End of story.  Plus, they prevent STDs and unwanted pregnancies and screen for breast cancer.

It started raining last night about dark and I went to bed early with the dogs.  They love it when that happens.  The Camry pushed water as I headed into the sawmill this morning, and it was still dark like my mood.  I couldn't shake it all day and still can't put a name to the aggravation I feel.  Maybe just the helpless feeling that comes with surrender.

Serendipity ~

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